ClarkConnect 4.3 – Alpha #1 – May 29, 2008

02 Jun
If you have not already done so, please review the introduction to test releases. Every test release includes a table that summarizes the following:

  • Features — major features available in the test release.
  • Tweaks — minor features available in the test release.
  • In the Pipeline — features being actively developed.
Features References
Remote backup service 847
Groupware via webmail 883
RAID manager 851
OpenVPN for desktops/laptops 683
Tweaks References
Additional hardware driver support for 3Ware and Realtek 874 881
DHCP server enhancements 831 866
Suva bi-directional support 856
In The Pipeline References
Mail server queue management (translation pending) 849
System process viewer (translation pending) 850
Administrator antispam mail quarantine 882

What’s New

The OpenVPN and SSL Certificate Manager should be considered alpha at this point. We may decide to rip out parts of the Certificate Manager (read: delete all the certificates and start again), and that’s the primary reason this is an alpha release. Here are some comments on the new features.

Remote Backup

This may or may not work depending on the status of the remote systems.

Groupware via Webmail

Information on this feature is here.

OpenVPN and SSL Certificates

In order to implement OpenVPN, security certificates are required. In order to ease some of the pain out of managing certificates, we are in the process of simplifying the user experience. Here are the steps to get OpenVPN running.

Step 1 — Before you can configure OpenVPN, you will be directed to the Account Manager – Setup – Organization page in the web-based administration tool. The information provided on this page does four important:

  • Initializes LDAP
  • Creates the required certificate authority
  • Creates the required server certificate
  • Creates the default data (e.g. city, country, company, etc.) when adding new users

We certainly do not track this information (or any information for that matter), but you will see these details in security certificates (for example, the one used for HTTPS connections to the web-based administration). If you allow remote access to the web-based administration tool (or webmail), you should know that this information is publicly available. Feel free to create fake details about your organization, but something must be provided.

Step 2 — Add users on the Account Manager – All Accounts – Users page. In the background, a certificate key/pair is created for the user. This certificate can be:

  • Imported into mail clients for encrypting and digitally signing mail
  • Used for OpenVPN

Step 3 — Go to the Network – VPN – OpenVPN page in the web-based administration tool. Configure OpenVPN and start it up!

Step 4 — Logout of the web-based administration page (button on top right).

Step 5 — Install the OpenVPN 2.1 software for Windows (download).

Step 6 — Login to the web-based administration page as the user created in step 2. Go to the Security and Keys page in the menu. You will need to download the certificate and the OpenVPN configuring into the “configuration” directory on your Windows system.

Note: an OpenVPN Windows tool is under development. When complete, this final step will not be necessary. There are a few quirks on this download page right now… sorry about that.

Step 7 — Connect with OpenVPN!

Reporting Bugs

This is an alpha release, so there are many known issues. Please hold off on reporting bugs until the beta #1 release. However, feel free to post feedback in the online forums or via e-mail —


Web download: Community 4.3 Release Alpha #1
MD5Sum: cc962474bc6a62e6dd93ffba68f03b77


Upgrade from Previous Betas

apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade


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