Untangle (Network Router ++ ) , bisa Load balancing

06 Des

Product Overview

Untangle delivers an integrated family of applications that simplify and consolidate the network and security products that businesses need at the network gateway.

  • Pre-configured to work right away
  • Downloadable for rapid deployment
  • Integrated with a common GUI, logging & reporting
  • Designed to run on generic Intel/AMD hardware
Open Source & Free Commercial Add-ons

Open Source (and Free)

The Untangle Server and 12 of the applications that run on it are open source and free under the GNU General Public License v2 (GPLv2). Untangle’s platform provides the GUI, logging, reporting and “virtual-pipelining” technology to make all of the apps run together smoothly. Signatures updates and software upgrades, which install automatically, are also included.

Commercial Add-ons

These are designed for networks with advanced needs. Commercial add-ons include live support, advanced management features and applications for additional security and remote access.

Deployment Options

Untangle has 3 network deployment options:

Router:  Dedicated server that performs routing & firewall services

Transparent Bridge:  Dedicated server that drops seamlessly behind existing routers & firewalls

Re-Router:  Adds network-wide protection while running on an existing desktop  (runs on Windows)

Supported Platforms

Untangle runs as a bare-metal install, on Windows XP, VMware, Ubuntu & Debian

Hardware Requirements

Untangle runs on generic Intel/AMD hardware.  A Pentium III processor, 2 NICs and 512MB of RAM is the min spec for smaller networks and multi-core chips with extra RAM really make Untangle sing for larger networks. More specific sizing guidance and links to the community hardware compatibility list can be found on the Hardware Requirements wiki.

3rd Party Connectors

Active Directory:  Integrate with existing AD deployments

Kaseya:  Monitor & receive Untangle alerts

Level Platforms:  Monitor & receive Untangle alerts

N-Able:  Monitor & receive Untangle alerts

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